The Crunchies? Really?

Another awards ceremony, except the winners here are the"favorite" companies/products of readers of four leading techblogs.

I see why everyone is doing this, but still think its silly if this succeeds in the long-run:

- The blogs' motivations are clear: they're growing and trying to diversify (conferences, events etc.) and this is part of it. With the sponsors and tickets, they will turn a profit on it, while raising their collective profiles further.
- The companies motivations are clear: at least the winners: everyone likes the free marketing.
- The audience: .... people like awards ceremonies? people like comparing things?

Products should be reviewed and critiqued, and companies should be rewarded on the stock-market. This feel-good award-fest (while it may be fun) is questionable in value at best.

Awards for the best CEO? Best business model? c'mon! And what the hell are the acceptance speeches going to be like? Are there people going to be there that actually take this seriously?


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