Best movie pick... I watch the Oscars (Jon Stewart is not as funny this year), I figured I could join the party and pick my best movie for 2007.

I surprised myself and have stayed away from both No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood. Mainly because every weekend when I try to go over and catch them, I just end up deciding that I need to see something a little more cheerful. Anyway, the coming of em...definitely!
So my pick for best English language movie I saw last year is Juno. The story, the acting, the characters, and especially the dialog made this a really great one to watch. I remember just feeling good while leaving the theatre.

But the best movie I saw last year, was without a doubt, Taare Zameen Par. I had to fight to keep the tears away right through the movie, the story really resonated, the kid was brilliant in the movie, and I never thought that the most exhilaration I'd feel at the movies in years would be at a children's art competition.


Isaac said…
Dude, please!

I know what you mean, but Juno was an American movie, not an English one.

PS. I liked it too, though.
Satyajeet said…
Point taken.:)
Update made!

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