Busy with Buzzwords: Decisions

Making Decisions: I remember my Dad telling me a long, long time ago how much he preferred bosses/executives that took quick decisions, versus ones that dithered.

Over the years, I've found that idea drilled into my head repeatedly by managers, professors and from personal observation. It especially resonates now.
  • The most successful organizations are those that are likely to empower the most people to make decisions, and hire people that want to make them.
  • In general, the more decisions that are made the better (i.e. 100 quick decisions made with 90 good ones and 10 bad ones are better than just 10 good carefully thought-out good decisions.)
  • Making a lot of decisions is only good, if people are willing to admit that they will sometimes make bad ones and leave room to correct those.


Faisal said…
I don't know dude. The Iraq war could've used a little more deliberating and a little less deciding...
Satyajeet said…
Hence point 3 (admit you're wrong and reverse :))

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