Busy with Buzzwords: Over-communicate

I figured that as I try to navigate my way through the business/management/engineering world, a regular-ish series on what I think works and what doesn't would be interesting....probably more for me to write, than for you to read. :) Hence, installment one of "Busy with Buzzwords"

This word was mentioned more than a couple of times last week, and a few incidents at work made me realize its value, and its definitely something I need to do more of. I think of it as
  • sharing information, accomplishments and credit with more people than just the strictly necessary
  • inviting feedback and scrutiny from everyone who you think might be able to help (even if you know it'll slow you down)
  • never naturally assuming that people have read either emails you sent out, documents your wrote or presentations you gave, but subtly confirming it.
Its a tough line to tread. There's definitely such a thing as over-over-communicating. Overdoing it can actually result in a negative impression. So its something to watch out for. But I think done well there's more to be gained.
And while I'm still trying to nail down what "Googley" actually means, this seems like a pretty Googley thing to do.


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