A few good internet video ads

Two hilarious series of ads, that I caught over the NBA All-Star break telecast. These are great examples of good internet video ads, if you believe that effective Internet video ads are also effective standalone Internet videos. I could watch these as a pre-roll ads, or post-roll ads, and be thankful for it! They're funny; they're brief (and can be easily edited to be shorter), and there can be many versions for the web. Perfect!

Also, in my opinion, there were actually three products being advertised hereThe brand associations are ones that all parties benefit from, and can be comfortable with. Its rare that this works so well.

On a somewhat related note regarding brand associations, I noticed the ads below on the YouTube site, yesterday and today (Note: despite working there, I know almost nothing about the details of these thing.)

Its an interesting brand association attempt: Toyota and Pepto Bismol try to strongly associate their brand with YouTube and its community, while getting in front of tons of eyeballs. I really like the Toyota sponsorship. It was a good marketing call.


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