Wow, just wow.

Why on earth does anyone (except for the investment bankers involved) think this will end well? I really, really feel for Yahoo. I've always thought that it was a pretty great company (great doesn't imply at revenue-generation btw :)), and would've always been seen as such if it weren't compared to Google.

I interviewed at both companies at different points, and somehow I just have a hard time imagining a merger working well culturally, and on the strategy aspect of this....don't even get me started! Yikes!

Update: I'd published this a couple of seconds after I heard the news, but took it down when it seemed liked the prudent thing for any Googler to do. Putting it back after being told no one could take anything I said vaguely seriously.


Vividh Siddha said…
How about Microo or Yacro?
Satyajeet said…
Both nice.:)
My favorite piece of the name-combining exercise was this logo from AdAge:

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