Neat presentation, neat site.

Someone from work fwded this pretty slick presentation by Dan Olsen on Product Management for Web stuff.
I really liked it! I liked the Slideshare site which was used to distribute it even more. Here's the TechCrunch post introducing the site from over a year and a half ago.

The description of the site ("PowerPoint + YouTube") really sums it all up. There are some similarities in design and the way it tries to engage users. Its not the only one like it out there either. It works as a clean distribution medium from PowerPoint, just like YouTube works as way to distribute personal videos. But what I liked about it, is that like YouTube, it looks like its growing to be so much more.

The prevalence of digital cameras, phone cameras, video and recording software and number of other complimentary technologies and cultural norms fueled the YouTube phenomena, even as the medium itself meant that people started communicating in a whole new way.

Increasingly for every interesting business idea, strategy, explanation there is a PowerPoint deck to explain or sell it. The almost compulsory use of the medium in business, schools and even school applications (argh!) will only increase this trend.

Its a slightly sad that Slideshare (YouTube for PowerPoint) could become the YouTube for Ideas that the more generalized Scribd (YouTube for Documents) was supposed to be. Its even sadder that I don't really mind that as much.:)


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