Speed Racer: review and smart cross-promotion on Hulu..

I watched a lot of the Speed Racer cartoons when I was growing up, so I made sure that I caught the movie on the first-day.
I really liked it, but I think more because it kept reminding me of how much I absolutely loved the trailer than anything else.

Its not a bad movie, but you'll truly enjoy it only if you were a fan of the show. Only then will the theme music, the demo of the Mach 5 features, the Rex Racer flashbacks not just be cheesy bits that work for kids, but goose-pimple inducing moments.

That's why I think its absolutely brilliant that 49 episodes of the Speed Racer cartoon are on Hulu, and both they and the studio did a smart cross-promotion gig by putting them on the landing page on the first day. I'm surprised Hulu didn't do some better online ad buys to direct traffic to the site though....


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