A Mithun comic! More on the way?

Rediff reports this thingy.:)
Its been a while since I've laid my hands on an Indian comic. The kitsch factor on this particular one seems really high, but in a culture that loves its movies and only to a slightly lesser extent its books and comics, this could actually work really well. Hey, I'd pick one up! I actually remember reading an issue or two of the old Amitabh comic, which was surprisingly sophisticated.

It'd be really interesting to see if they can make the comic work online as well. I don't see one channel cannibalizing the other and there's definitely a large expat market as well. Indian computer animation ability keeps getting better and better, at this point probably being world-class at a fraction of the price. Also, we're seeing new media houses snap up rights for old Indian comic classics.

The Indian penchant for story-telling combined with a creative use of technology could end up producing something that could work really well. I'd vote to see stuff more like the stuff Scott McCloud put out before he chose to focus on his books that became mainstream hits and financially lucrative, unlike the micro-payments based comics.


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