Pre-review: Made to Stick and GUI Bloopers

I tried to get some reading done this weekend. Made it about half-way through Made to Stick and just started on GUI Bloopers.

Have great things to say about both, but there was a memory technique in Made to Stick that I really liked. Seth Godin had this theory about how to read business books, which I think is overkill. What's true though is that each book really has a few main points that can be summarized succinctly, and most of the text is used to explain, re-inforce and teach applications of a basic idea.

So I loved a method that "Made to Stick" used, using keywords under the chapter title to trigger a memory of the central ideas that the chapter went through. It allowed me to quickly scan through these words after I finished each chapter, and review all the ideas together and hopefully refresh and bolster them. I know what you're thinking...isn't that just a good Table of Contents? Its not quite the same, but you need to see it to understand it. The intention isn't to let you find a page number to read about it; the intention is clearly to remind you of what you read.

This is a great way to recall the entire book by leafing through the index. Slick!:)


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