Oh, so that's synergy! Lessons from the Teen Choice Awards.

Once again, the student of business in me is going "wow", the student of life in me is going "really?"

For reasons too personally confusing to get into, I started watching the Teen Choice Awards.
Don't worry, I tore myself away after about an hour after convincing myself this was not age-appropriate behavior, and after all the teenage screaming started to get jarring.
Also, I was multi-tasking at that time, so it wasn't thaat bad!:)

Anyway, the genius of Murdoch's minions was to come up with an award for the best celebrity MySpace page ("Choice MySpacer"....really)

The business gurus may sneer, but there _were_ thousands of teenagers screaming. Think about it; the Teen Choice Awards (and by implication teens and all the celebrities nominated) were endorsing one particular social networking site on a national broadcast. Now that's good marketing. I don't know how effective it'll be, but it certainly can't hurt.

In general, the opportunities for good cross-promotion in media are supposedly slim, and the rationale for the media conglomerate is mostly realize these synergies on the back-end (e.g. cost-cutting, branches merging, getting rid of duplication in G&A etc.)

But Murdoch seems to believe in them, and keeps trying. Fox often pushes the limits on promoting other owned properties. I thought the one above was a pretty sharp one, especially given the target demographic which tends to be less cynical about what they see (btw, that's in general a good thing! :))


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