Quick TV Drama review

Yet again I've been catching more TV than I should over the past few months.
Quick reviews of a few shows below:

Hustle Their TV seasons may be much shorter (6 to 9 episodes), but the British really do their TV well. This is so slick and funny, despite following a predictable-ish formula and some loopholes, I've been devouring it on DVD for a while now.

Mad Men I resisted even starting to watch this one despite the Soprano's pedigree , but when Comcast put the entire first season on demand over the summer, started getting into it. The setting (Madison avenue in the 60s) and the characters really make the show and it is smarter than your usual TV drama, though sometimes I can't help feeling it tries a little too hard to add in the gravitas.

Weeds I thought this had jumped the shark a while ago, but they seem to have salvaged it just enough lately to make it interesting again.

Gossip Girl I'm embarassed to even admit I started watching this :(, but dammit...I can't look away now :)....apparently its what all the kids are watching lately


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