OK. Sorry Kellogg, but really?

One of the more interesting decisions that the Chicago GSB (oops Chicago Booth) Marketing team made when I was in business school, was to well...actually market the school's full-time MBA program via very traditional magazine and online ads.

In fact, I could seldom visit LinkedIn or Businessweek without seeing the ad. Top-tier schools weren't doing this for their full-time programs (the logic being they didn't need to be marketed.) So it was unusual when Chicago started doing this, but it seemed to be well received, and ulitmately successful. Here's some more on it. I loved the message the school had and the tone the ads struck.

Clearly, it was a matter of time before other schools adopted this strategy, and the first I've seen is from the school just a few miles away. I have one problem with this ad. Its bad....its clearly inspired by Chicago's message, but its just much cheesier and cliched. And the creative...yuck! C'mon Kellogg...marketing is supposedly what you're good at. :) 

Ad below:


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