A personal board of directors

I like the idea.
Somehow, I've ended up reading about the idea twice or thrice this week. I loved the idea of one.  

Jim Collin's talks about his idea here:

"The idea of a personal board of directors came to me when I was in my 20s. I drew a little conference table on a sheet of paper with seven chairs around it and wrote names on them of people I admired. I pasted it above my computer and would look up and in my mind poll the personal board when I was wrestling with tough questions. If I was really stuck, I might talk to some of them. It's sort of like a group of tribal elders that you create for yourself."

There seems to be a more standardi structured approach as well that talks about the different kinds of qualities that you should look for in the members of your board.

Now to just go about creating one. One more New Year resolution to add. 
That's one more thing: I haven't done this year's resolutions yet.:)


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