I was hoping it would take something important and momentous to get me to resuscitate this blog....of course instead it turned out to be the movies.:)

I'm pretty kicked that Slumdog Millionaire won the Golden Globes. That's effectively ensured that I will watch the Oscars live this year.

As always, I'm in awe of the YouTube community as well. I was surfing Rediff, when I read the artile headline: "SRK at the Golden Globes." Step 2: Type that line into YouTube. And about 30 mins after the Golden Globes had ended, I already had 5 relevant results. 

I loved the movie when I saw it a few months ago, but frankly I'm even more kicked to see Rahman being recognized internationally. Other feelings from watching the clips: embarrassment that Anil Kapoor still shows an almost inappropriate amount of enthusiasm, and the realization that that somehow-not-annoying over-confidence that SRK (the "King of Bollywood"? really?) exudes stayed intact. :)

Clips below:


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