Work-life balance question ...

I liked the following thoughts that I ended up stumbling on during my surfing last week:
  • From this speech: "Work and life are not at odds - the better you are at your job, the better you can be at work; Success at work is very dependent on success in life, and vice-versa."
  • Increasingly (and I see this a lot at Google) the separation of work and life is not a function of hours. The 9-to-5 (or even 8-to-8) workday is not the best option any more. Googlers are able to run errands early in the morning if they need to, pick up their kids in the evening and finish up work late at night. It seems to be the norm more and more (though I'm still fighting this!:)) and seems very work-able for everyone involved.
  • People's personal and work life are more and more intertwined, and that's a good thing.


Isaac said…
You may enjoy this article too

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