Huh, so facebook acquired Friendfeed...

One product et company that I liked and use less of lately, got acquired by the company that builds another that I like and use a lot of.

Detailed analysis and speculation will abound over the next day/week, but I think is a pretty slick move on the part of Facebook for many, many reasons.

They pick up great talent, an infrastructure that would plug in really well with, and add a lot to the Facebook statuses, and (hopefully) a team that will bring in some instincts for openness and support for the Open Web. Though how much Facebook should care about the last piece is open for debate, especially since this takes their market-share even higher (assuming there is a defined "market" for status updates and sharing social activity :))

Facebook statuses have borrowed a lot of from (oh, sorry been inspired by) Friendfeed over the last year and in the case of users like me this has led to a lot of duplication in my status messages. At the very least hopefully this will help clean some of this up.


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