Funny, but this is why web and video search is still an unsolved problem...

I stumbled on to this great rhyme set of the Sound of Music classic "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" First couple of stanzas below

How do you solve a problem like Korea?
How do you run Dear Leader out of town?
How do you find a way to stop Korea?
A chummy discussion? A punch in the nose? A frown?

Many a bomb you'd like them to dismantle,
Many a threat you'd like them to suspend,
But why waste your time in talk?
They bluster and then they walk,
When will they hear the message that you send?

Oh, how do you solve a problem like Korea?
How do you make a lunatic your friend?

But that got me on to my search problems:

I tried to find a clip of the song, but kept getting stuck with clips from the
BBC America show instead. People uploading both hadn't created the metadata to differentiate the two and recency and volume meant the clips from the show were the only thing to find.

Tweaking the words "how do you solve a problem like maria sound of music orginal" triggered many
Google Suggest completions, which means clearly I'm not the only one with this problem. However it yielded no actually good results.

It doesn't help that the film was a musical first, and so most of the clips on YouTube of the song are actually video recordings of plays
like this and this.

I finally gave up, though there's a Sound of Music trailer. The song starts here after about a minute.


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