Quick review: Persepolis

I finally finished a book!
Ignore the fact that is was a graphic novel.:)

Persepolis is an autobiography, and the story of a girl growing up during a very turbulent time in Iran's history. Wikipedia helpfully tells me its not just a memoir, but a Bildungsroman.

Its a powerful book and I know a litte bit more about Iranian history and culture now. You can't help being touched by the story and identifying with many of the characters. In general, across human experiences we uniformly find people that are weak, noble, stupid, capable to great love and fighting to protect their children. It reminded me a little bit of Art Spiegelman's Maus which was a lot more powerful and affected me much more deeply when I read it.

In other reading news, I'm now mid-way through 3 books again. I'm going to try to get my act together and finish off a couple of them over the next 2 weeks. :)


shmoo said…
Did you read the complete version that has Persepolis 2 in it as well? (though confusingly enough, what in the US is called Persepolis is actually the French Persepolis 1 and 2, and the US Persepolis 2 is the French Persepolis 3 and 4).
Satyajeet said…
I just read Persepolis 1; need to put persepolis 2 on hold at the library...

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