Heroes on NBCU: Great examples in transmedia storytelling

My Netflix online subscription allowed me to catch-up on Season 4 of Heroes, which I'd given up watching for a while.

Now I buy into the idea and value of transmedia storytelling; or rather more the idea that fans want experiences that go beyond the core offering and online media (both video and other formats) is one of the best ways to give it to them. Leaving many little nuggets for avid fans (your power users!) is great art, great product work, and great marketing!

NewTeeVee had this article a while ago on how NBCU did this. I have to say they do it particularly well; the show Heroes has two companies (Primatech and Pinehearst) which are fronts for the Heroes (umm...you need to watch the show.:))

Check out the websites that they took the time to build: Primatech and Pinehearst. Consistent with the story; and just meaty enough to keep the fans engaged even more.:)


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