9 things I now know about NYC ...

...after just over a week in the city.
  • Food: more options than the Bay Area, but not necessarily better
  • Food: available till much later in the night than the Bay Area but still not better
  • Energy: 4am in mid-town NYC on a weeknight is about the same as 9pm on Saturday in Mountain View
  • Everything: Costs more.
  • Apartments: Double the cost for half the space and twice the "yikes"
  • People: Everyone walks faster than me
  • People: Nearly everyone dresses better than me
  • Working for Google here: Still just as awesome


shmoo said…
Ball pit?
Jean said…
Do they really dress better, or do they just all dress in black? I remember one of my visit to NYC after a long absence, and as i came out of the subway, i just felt like there was a blackout. everyone is in black!
Satyajeet said…
@Eric: no, but there are a couple of reasonably fancy game rooms.:)
@Jean: There is a lot of black, but its still a better-looking black.
Heather F. said…
Years ago, I used to amuse myself by going to Times Square and walking really, really slowly.

Obnoxious, I know, but also funny :)

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