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I haven't really seen the phone that's being advertised (despite working at Google :)) and while I like the idea of a strong Android-based competitor to the iPhone, I'm always wary of positioning a product as something that is "better than... " or "in opposition to... " If you compete on (and even better) some features, but don't measure up on others (like usability, aesthetics etc.) you're going to take a beating. :)

Also the "Droid does" line and horror-movie music at the end is clearly designed to appeal to a young, male, techy demographic. That's probably a pretty sound segmentation/marketing bet given the product, but its still impressive to see any phone company bet like that. :)


Isaac said…
If you need to define your product primarily as a comparison to your competitor then you've already lost.

When iPhone came out it didn't have ads saying how it beat the BlackBerry.

"I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" walks a fine line.
Satyajeet said…
Yup. It can work, but it is risky.

The Mac has pulled it off successfully: not just "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC", but right at the start: think 1984 ( :)

Miller Lite seems to pull it off (against Bug Light); detergents seem to do it all the time as well...

Its risky, but in a market where the leader has huge mindshare and market share, may not be that bad!

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