Has the revolution begun?

The other benefit of train travel is that I get to people-watch again. :)

I was unsurprised that on the ride home 5 people around me had the familiar while earbuds in their ears. Yes, yes; everyone has an iPod/iPhone and they listen to it on their daily commute. The music takes the pain away.

What did surprise me was when one of these people (a rather dour-looking young girl with blue streaks in her hair) pulled out what her earbuds were connected to, I didn't see the shiny device that is apparently the everlasting testament to Steve Job's genius, but the device that I had in my pocket at the time. Clearly she was using her Android phone as her primary music device. I looked at the other 5 people, wishing some of them would pull out the device they were listening to.

One did; it was an iPod, and perhaps the others were as well. But I'd like to believe that as Android devices have more adoption, this is an experience that will be much more common! :)


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