Nexus One!

I'm always glad when Google announces products. It means I can finally talk to my non-Google friends about them. :)

Like most Googlers, I've been using the Nexus One for a little less than a month now, and ..drum roll please... it's changed my life!

The first line on the video sums it up: "sometimes a great idea is a few good ideas meeting for the first time"

Even with incremental improvement, you get to a point where things are done well enough to get users past a tipping point and drive that change in behavior.

Let me give you an example. I'd occasionally read docs on my last phone (G1), but would simply never consider reading a book on it, but on the Nexus One the screen was just wide enough, the resolution and brightness just right enough, and the form factor just comfortable enough that despite some skepticism I started..and finished an entire novel.

Similar stories apply for my music, my gmail, my use of Google Maps, the apps in Google App Marketplace (Note the still on-going Abduction! battle with the wife.)

Finally I've never expected to involuntarly say the words "thing of beauty" to describe the design and polish on a Google product, but I did within a few minutes of using this phone.
Update: I suddenly realized I also said something similar on my second day of using Chrome.

Finally, the marketing and packaging is incredibly impressive. This is one area where I've always felt Google products ...shall we say.. had opportunity for improvement, but the marketing collateral lives up to the product here.

The strategy/pricing/distribution decisions behind the phone? I'm impressed by the bet the Android team made, and there's a lot of think about there, but really... for now I'm just another excited Googler that's thrilled that Google has delivered a truly beautiful (in addition to our customary elegant/useful/incredible/powerful/cool/defining/paradigm-shifting) product. :)


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