Quick Reviews: "American on Purpose" and "The Lost Symbol"

Of course one of my resolutions for 2010, was to blog more: so here goes. :)

I finished two books in December.

Ferguson is, in my opinion, the funniest late-night host there is today, and its not even close. I probably watch Leno more often, but no one makes you laugh as hard, and for reasons you don't even completely understand. Others need their jokes to make you laugh. Craig Ferguson can have you in splits just be being himself.

He's written a novel before that was great, and the tone he employs is similar. He talks a lot very honestly about growing up, drifting, his love life, his friends, his fascinating attempts at a string of professions, passion for life and America, and struggles with alcoholism. Its simple, funny and very honest writing.

It's also a great life, with some amazing stories. If you're a fan or even know him from TV, its definitely worth reading.

The Lost Symbol is what Robert Langdon has to deal with next.
In terms of style and plot, Dan Brown is in very familiar territory and as you'd expect, you're riveted and always want to see what happens next.

He has his customary dramatic, over-the-top plot twist at the end and I enjoyed the plot even as I anticipated the now-familiar deciphering-and-running-to-the-next-clue routine. What sets his work apart of course, are his investigations and expositions on real symbols and groups, and his conjectures/theories/stories about what they could mean.

In that respect, this is his most of ambitious novel yet. I spent a couple of hours reading about Noetic science after starting the book, and his story around the Freemasons, theory about America's forefathers (rather than his customary target: the Church) is absolutely fascinating. Strongly recommended!

What also made these unique is that I got through both these books (the first on audio, the second in epub format) on a phone. More on that next..:)


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