Quick review: "Up in the Air", "The Natural" and "Lions for Lambs"

A strange thing almost happened in January; I almost didn't watch a movie in a theater. Luckily I fixed that right at the end of the month.:)

Up In the Air: I liked! I liked a lot. Its extremely enjoyable, funny, poignant, and uniformly well-acted. The Oscar nomination(s) I don't completely understand, but still.

Also ended up catching a Robert Redford double bill over the weekend thanks to NetFlix.
"Lions for Lambs" was simple, powerful and well-told, but a still somehow a little lacking. "The Natural", I'd been meaning to watch for a while (I'm a sucker for good sports movies), and it was pretty much near-perfect for a sports movie.:)

This weekend's theatre movie schedule: Ishqiya, which is getting really good reivews.


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