"Welcome, finally, to the civilized world"

I got a new laptop at work today. :) I also moved from a PC to a Mac.
Said an engineer who walked past as I was transferring my files: "Welcome to the civilized world!"

So far, so good! Civilization agrees with me. Fiddling around with settings is a little rough and the WiFi at home isn't playing nice, but surprisingly very little's changed so far.
I realized just how much of my day I spend in the browser and the few times I need to leave it to install software, the Mac versions exist and are pretty solid. The first presentation I need to whip up is likely to result in some minor anguish though. :)

Stating the obvious so far, the trackpad finger gestures are so much more intuitive, the UI is so much more awesome, and I'm really enjoying the fact that putting my screen up-and-down doesn't send the operating system running for cover.

Before and after Pics (with gelaskin transfer completed!) below:




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