Docking into the mothership...

I'm in Mountain View visiting the Mothership, and checking in at Google I/O.

My team has moved to a new building, and I encountered some interesting cube-mates there.

I also ended up with a slightly different 3-screen setup and discovered I've become one of those annoying people that have an infinite number of wires coming out of their PC.

A bright spot was apparently the eminent miracle I should now wait for according to a fortune cookie from my favorite Bay Area Chinese restaurant.

After leaving late one day, I also had this conversation with a member of the cleaning crew that cleans our office at night.

Dude Cleaning Up: "You're staying late here again man."
Me: "Yup."
DCU: "What time are you going to come back in tomorrow?"
Me: "Umm.. 8am or so?" (It was about 11pm when I was leaving)
DCU: "Wow...that's a lot of work."
Me: "I guess"
DCU: "Do you get paid a lot?"
Me: (pausing) "I don't think so..."
DCU: "Oh. ok...", and he looks at me curiously.

I guess hoping to change the world means having to catch LOST the next day sometimes. :)


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