Quick Reviews: Ironman 2, and Badmaash Company

Ended up seeing more movies in a week than I had in a while.
Ironman 2 was better than I expected, though still not as good as the first movie.

I can't think of anyone who has as much fun playing a character as Robert Downey Jr. has playing Tony Stark. Well maybe Sam Jackson playing Nick Fury. :)

I also needed a Hindi movie fix. That's my excuse for going to cath: Badmaash Company. Wow!
Its a standard con movie/good-guys-do-bad-but-then-things-go-sour-dude-repents-and-doed-good, but just done really, really well; and the setting (India in the mid-90s) and the details (at least in the first half) really set the movie apart. The entire cast is pretty great, and its rare that they let all the character develop so much. There's one slightly cheesy bit at the end, but other than that... Since 3 Idiots was released at the very end of last year, I might have to put this in front of my race for my favorite Hindi movie in 2010.:)


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