Quick reviews: Mary Poppins and Housefull

This weekend was in NYC, so the wife and I caught Mary Poppins (which actually was much more fun that I'd expected... and I was expecting it to be a lot of fun) and got a Hindi movie fix by watching Housefull (ditto..)

Mary Poppins:
I remember seeing the movie on VHS at least a couple of times when I was young, but it'd been long enough so that most things were hazy and I didn't remember much except for the songs and my excessive, annoying-to-others use of the word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious', which is really perfect to watch it.

The acting was great (particularly Laura Michelle Kelly as Mary Poppins) and the songs and the choreography was incredible. The wife and I left smiling and were humming the songs and tapping our feet for a few hours after.

Eh.. not much to say here. Its an Akshay Kumar/Ritesh Deshmukh comedy which Sajid Khan keeps going at a reasonable pace. There's tons of recycled jokes, slapstick and the kind of humor you're later embarrassed you laughed at, but it'd been long enough since I'd seen a Hindi movie that I was happy to catch it.:)

Throw in some strolling around Central Park, and then Battery Park, it was a pretty great weekend.


shmoo said…
Um, that's Julie Andrews, not Laura Michelle Kelly.

Great film though.
shmoo said…
Oh I see, you saw the new stage production. Never mind. Carry on.
Satyajeet said…
Ha ha. :)

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