Quick reviews: "The Social Network" and "Hackers and Painters"

We caught "The Social Network" last weekend, and agree with everyone else. It was pretty awesome!
As an aside: part of my brain kept trying to see if they got the technical details right (they did!) and part of the wife's bigger brain kept trying to catch part of the Harvard campus that she knew (quite a bit!)

Staying with the theme, I'm almost done with Hackers and Painters, and I recommend that even more; though it probably speaks much more to ...well hackers. The books is a collection of essays by Paul Graham and spans a range of topics in life/anthropology, computer science and entrepreneurship. Its hard to review it as an entire book simply because the essays are on a couple of diverse topics. I'd been reading his essays on his website for the last couple of years and really enjoyed them, but this - especially some of his earlier essays which I didn't know about, are both incredibly insightful and instantly relatable.

I particularly enjoyed "Hackers and Painters", "What You Can't Say", "Taste for Makers" and "The Hundred-Year Language"


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