Of the New Year and resolutions.

Happy New Year!

Its been a while since I've made New Year's resolutions, but I ended up making 5 this year. In the Google parlance, I'm still just at the O stage of OKRs, i.e. I know what I'd like to get done next year (both professionally and personally - but mostly personally), but need to nail down how I'll take to get there.
More on these... perhaps... when I get around to it tomorrow. :)

In most years, I go with the "it's just another day; its kinda silly to give it more importance than that" approach, but there's something about a long-ish (almost 2 weeks) vacation at the end of the year that makes it easier to step back a bit and re-think what's really important and what you should do in the coming year.
I ended up looking at quite a few things anew, and am pretty excited about 2011.

Happy New Year everyone! :)


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