Google eBooks bookmarks!

Increasingly, Google does some truly delightful marketing. :)

I got these in the mail today:

I thought this was cool! It was unexpected and delighted me - always something good to do to your users. Compliments to the eBooks folks who came up with this!

If it were another company, I might complain that
  • I don't read physical books as much anymore. :(
  • even when I do, and despite years of my mother telling me to, I fold the page instead of using a bookmark. I suspect I'm not alone.
  • the eBook store doesn't even sell physical books and by their very nature ....
  • Bookmarks are not seen by others - the automatic evangelizing of the product doesn't happen. Sending this out will make people momentarily happy (Good!!), some like me will blog about it cos they're excited and create buzz (also good!!) but it ends there.
  • Stickers are great for that viral push - especially if people put them on their tablets and phones and laptops (y'know on which they read those eBooks we just sold them!) How about some stickers thrown in as well?
But its not another company, so I won't complain.



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