Return of the blog... and me :-)

I just realized that the last time I'd blogged was just over 4 months ago; I've had blogging hiatuses before, but this one was different. The news that Blogger had a new interface, was sufficient motivation for me get over my procrastination from earlier in the week and revive the blog.

BTW - Really like the new interface so far! :-)

This blog has been important to me not just to express myself, but I've really liked it was a way to clarify my own thinking on things that have been on my mind, in a public forum.

Generally, when I've stopped blogging its been because:
  • I got lazy
  • I got busy
  • I got lazy and busy at the same time - yes, this is possible.
This time however, while being busy was part of it, for the last few months I really didn't feel like saying or thinking much publicly.

Professionally, the last few months have been a blast. Personally, they've been the most difficult for me ever. The fact that the two have overlapped in timing has in some ways been a blessing.

I thought that at least for most people I know this wasn't something they could read, but some actually did.
Anyway, the good news is that I am feeling more like myself again - and reviving the blog seemed like a good step to help with that. :)


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