Why campus recruiting was great this year... for me.

First a warning: A few friends have recently noticed my blog (in addition to being incredibly sporadic) has also become far too Google-centric. This only continues that trend of posts, though I'm hoping to break that and return to the usual programming soon. :-)

The week before last, I visited Chicago to help with MBA recruiting. I enjoy chatting with students in general and MBA students considering Google in particular. Business school was a transformative experience for me, so I have really fond memories of the Chicago GSB and am always glad to help there.

But what talking about Google non-stop (a dinner + two 1.5-hour presos + ~2 hours of open-to-all chats) really did for me was remind me how lucky I am to work here. Its easy to forget the big picture when you get caught up in the nitty-gritty of the day, and telling stories about

  • how awesome people here are
  • how amazing the culture is 
  • what an incredible opportunity we have each day to impact people's lives
is a great reminder of why I love coming to work here.


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