The longevity of Asterix and comic books.

From a recent visit home, I brought back some comics that my mother had found and (rightly) assumed I might want to take back with me.

I loved the Asterix comics growing up, and found that I loved re-reading them just as much even now. They're still hilarious, and possibly delight me even more now. My comics have also stayed in remarkably good condition.

I also realized that I'd read these for the first time nearly a quarter of a century ago (handwriting on the inside flap is my mother's, I think the "SSS" in pencil is me) - and that the very first one was written most than half-a-century ago. Great art lasts which is unsurprising; but even reasonable quality paper lasts -which is a little more surprising.


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I had them also but I switched to the digital iPad version of the comic book. They are still loads of fun! :)

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