Advise, Mentor or Teach - just talk about something that you're excited about to someone just starting it

I realized that on some Mondays, I felt more energized and enthused than usual about work. Right away, I also realized why.

I help with Noogler orientation and on a few Mondays (when its my turn in the rotation), I talk to new Google employees about Google (the culture, what we do, why, how, what it means to be a Googler etc.) and answer some of their questions.

It leaves me incredibly energized for a couple of reasons
  1. Verbalizing is powerful - "Words become Actions"  
  2. In particular, new employees have an energy, passion and optimism that's hard to match.

    Starting with a clean slate, new employees (indeed people that are starting anything new) have an innocence, energy and enthusiasm that often fades for anyone that's done something for a while.
I find the sessions almost as useful to me as they are to new employees, and there's a lesson there.

No matter what you do, if its something you love, talk to others about it - advise them, mentor them or teach them - You'll not only help them, you'll likely help yourself too.


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