A great principle at Google is 70:20:10. In the words of one of the founders (link here):

"About 70% try to work on the core efforts of the company," explains Brin, "about 20% goes to adjacent areas and expansion, and for the 10%, anything goes. 
Its an important way that the company stays innovative and continues to grow and do interesting things.

Now what's true for organizations, need not apply to individuals.  There are rewards for complete focus and excellence at what you do.

However, there's an argument to be made that, similarly to stay innovative and grow, a lens of 70/20/10 may yield optimal results for an individual as well.

What's your 70/20/10? :-)


sigje said…
You brought up a good point with the 70/20/10 but you don't share your individual 70/20/10 :) Take it up to the next level and share please.
:-) Well, the 70 is my day job which I love. The 20/10, I'm not quite ready to share yet (but I will!) - I want to make a little more progress on them. :-)

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