"What game are you playing?" - great product management read

Thanks to Sachin Rekhi's list I found this incredible read on Product Management by Adam Nash.
Almost as soon as I was done, I decided it was the most concise, well-written description of the job I've read in a while - actually possibly ever.

Actually Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager wins out - primarily because of its as much poetry as it is polemic.

While there's a lot of goodness in there, the phrase that stuck with me (to the extent I was using it all day today) was "What game are we playing?"  - its a great, concise way to describe product strategy.

From the article:
Clearly defining what game you are playing includes your vision for the product, the value you provide your customer, and your differentiated advantage over competitors.  More importantly, however, is that it clearly articulates the way that your team is going to win in the market. 

The only part that I didn't agree with in the article was the "you need to know the answer in 2 weeks on the job" part. That kind of deadline, I think, might be too much pressure to get to an answer without all the information.


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